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Stroud Half-Marathon

Running today’s race was very different from usual. Firstly, it was on roads I know very well, having travelled on them almost daily when I was a schoolboy. Secondly, Mum, Joe Trish and Jack-Patrick turned out in the foul weather to support me.

The course was mainly flat, except for a rather tedious climb up the A38. Had the weather been more kind, it would have been a lovely run. The autumn colours would have looked great in dappled sunlight. As luck would have it, however, the skies were grey and, for much of the time, leaking wet stuff all over us.

My ‘Beano‘ running shirt attracted plenty of attention and I was cheered on by a number of spectators. At the end of the race, I was even cheered on by the commentator over the PA system. “And here comes Beano Man, John May, over forty years old, from East London Runners.” 2hrs 5mins is a fine time – and it was lovely to have the family around to watch me take part in a my rather masochistic hobby.

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