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The World Scout Committee meets…

The new World Scout Committee held its first meeting over the weekend, (my first, of course) and it was also the first of its kind under the new Committee structure that was established at the recent 38th World Scout Conference in Korea. There are still twelve elected members with voting rights, of which I am one, but the status of the Secretary General of the World Organization and the Treasurer has changed to ‘ex-officio non-voting members’. We were also joined by the Chairperson or Vice-Chairperson of each duly elected Regional Scout Committee and a the Chairperson of the Board of the World Scout Foundation as non-voting members. And participating in their first meeting were the six Youth Advisors to the World Scout Committee who were elected at the 10th World Scout Youth Forum in July 2008

I really enjoyed the meeting. My fellow committee members are tremendous company, as you would expect – and we all share a real passion for World Scouting. We debated firmly, but cordially – and it was very clear that, under the chairmanship of Rick Cronk, (pictured here), we all share a commitment to support World Regions and National Scout Organisations in having a real impact on the lives and aspirations of young people.

Among the many subjects on the Committee’s agenda were: follow-up to World Scout Conference resolutions and the recommendations from the World Scout Youth Forum; the process to be followed for the appointment of the Secretary General and the feasibility study on the location of the World Scout Bureau; the Triennial Plan for 2008-2011 and the annual operational plan and budget for the current fiscal year; constitutional, relationships and financial matters; and future World Scout Events.

The sub-committees were also finalised as was the list of who would be the Chairperson for each. They are:
Strategy Coordination Group: Mario Diaz
Regional Support Coordination Group: Simon Rhee
Audit Committee: Martin Burbridge (Ireland)
Budget Committee: Erik Khoo
Constitutions Committee: Derek Pollard (U.K.)
Honours & Awards Committee: Jørgen Rasmussen (Denmark)
Educational Methods Committee: Me.
Scouting’s Profile Committee: Thérèse Bermingham

We’ve got a short two years before the next World Scout Conference in Brazil – and lots to achieve in that time. It’s going to be a challenging, but I think highly rewarding time.

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