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Youth to Everest – Day 9

Jack picks up the story:
We left Kumjong in the early morning and set off down the hill to “Funky Town” where we stopped for lemon tea (again).   We then started the long climb up the Temboche bump, which actually wasn’t nearly as bad as it had been made out to be.   At Temboche we went Geo-Caching up a hill and ended up finding a small container in the split of a tree.   It was very full of travel bugs – which was a new experience for those of us who were not familiar with Geo-caching.
Clark, Robbie, Ollie and I were given permission to climb to the snow line behind our hotel with the guidelines of being back in two and a quarter hours. So we set off.   We trudged through surprisingly dense “bush” on to a snow flow, which was a lot more easy to walk up.  We were almost at the snow line when we got clagged in very suddenly. We decided to complete our expedition, took a few photos and headed back down to the hotel – even trying out some skiing moves in our tramping boots.
On our descent we came across a yak skull.   It made for some awesome photos.   
We arrived back at the hotel with soggy boots and clothes, but excited that we’d actually touched the only snow we were likely to see.   It turned out that we were now 15 minutes behind everyone else who had headed up to the monastery at Treboche.   So we took off up the steep, rough, rocky hill and eventually ended up at the monastery looking like tribesmen from the outer rim of Mongolia, wearing shorts (which aren’t allowed in the monastery.)   Apparently the ceremony was quite good.   (Note from John.  It was.)
All in all it was a great day. 

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