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Youth to Everest – Day 5

Today’s correspondent is Rita:

Today we made the trip from Namche Bazar to Khunde. We started out by walking up yet another steep hill until we crossed over a small airstrip in another small village – Zarok.  We continued walking gently up until we could look over Khunde, a small and quiet village, the home of the hospital that Sir Ed founded for the Sherpa community. 

We arrived at Chepall’s mothers house for lemon tea and then noodle soup with buff meat for most of us for lunch. We then walked over to our campsite where we started putting up the tents that we would be living in for the next 36 hours. Sam and I were tenting together and the tent quickly became a mess. After everything was set up, we found some beautiful Sherpa children to play ball with. The smiles on their faces were priceless ???? 

We were back at our campsite by 3.30 and Elly, Alysha, Jessica, Sam and I attempted to create Sherpa stew for the group dinner. The preparation took ages and then we threw it all together to cook up a soup. Because the group was getting so impatient the stew ended up having a slightly burnt taste to it. 

Eating food underneath the stars was an amazing experience. There were lots of laughs and our group became more and more like a tightly knit family. 

Exhausted, we all headed to bed for a cold night sleep under canvas.

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