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Kenyatta University President’s Award

I have driven past the gates of Kenyatta University on several occasions in the past few years, usually as I crawled along in a traffic jam on my way to Nyeri.   Today, however, I got the opportunity to go through them to visit the campus and its students.

I have to confess that, as someone who was trained as a primary school teacher, I find universities a bit intimidating.   Academics scare me.  But the Dean and the Deputy Vice Chancellor both put me at my ease very quickly and, before I knew it, I was off to address the students who were involved in the President’s Award.

It was a delight to meet them.   Articulate and intelligent, of course, as you would expect any group of undergraduates to be.   But hearing of their experiences on the Award programme, their service to the community and the way that they were building their leadership skills through participation was really very exciting.

I look forward to returning soon.  I must have hidden my sense of intimidation because I have been invited to give a  lecture to the education students on non-formal education when I next visit.

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