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Examining diversity in Scouting

Diversity DiversityToday I had the opportunity to speak to adults and young people from the South East region of England at their day-long conference held at Gilwell Park.   They had spent their morning exploring how they could improve links with local communities and how they might better engage young people in their corporate decision-making at local and regional levels.    I shared with them some thoughts about some of the challenges we all face in diversifying the membership of Scouting in the UK.

In preparation for my session, I ran a short online survey that delegates took part in before the day – and this afternoon I was able to feed back the results of the survey to promote discussion.   The session was a lively one – and I hope that the conversations that started in working groups this afternoon will continue in Groups and Districts in forthcoming weeks.

I have placed the slide presentation here for you to access if you’d like to do so.

I finished the session with a story about an elephant and a giraffe – and you can find that story here.

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