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A day of new resolutions

The last day of any Scout World Conference is always spent dealing with the very many resolutions that are created over the course of the week and today was no exception. I sat at the back of the conference hall and listened to our various delegations from around the world set the priorities for World Scouting for the next three years… It looks like we’ll be spending a lot of time focusing on growing the Movement, supporting adult volunteers and helping to spread good practice amongst national Scout organisations and their regions – as well as appointing a new Secretary General and considering whether or not we should move the office of the World Scout Bureau away from Geneva. We’re going to have a busy three years.

I am going to be in the thick of it, as I accepted my colleagues’ offer to chair the Educational Methods Committee. I look forward to adding some real value to World Scouting through the work of the committee.

We finished conference with a tremendous closing ceremony, banquet and entertainment. Our new Chairman, Rick Cronk, from the USA, gave a superb introductory speech, pledging to support member organisations through the work of the World Scout Committee. I’m going to enjoy working with him.

I am now off to bed. The European Region is throwing its customary end of conference party in a nightclub a few miles ago, but I really am too whacked to go. I have an early start in the morning as I head off for a couple of days in Seoul. Torrential rain is forecast!

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