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Some quick travel tips…

It is true that I do spend quite a lot of time on the road. As many of my friends prepare to travel abroad over the summer, here are some top tips… Please do add your own at the bottom!

1. Roll your clothes rather than folding them. They crease less and take up less space in the suitcase.

2. Put your iPhone in a cup to create an instant speaker.

3. To avoid jet lag, get plenty of exercise the day before you travel. Avoid alcohol on a flight. Adjust your watch to the time zone of your destination before you take off. Drink lots of water. And once you land, get lots of fresh air for an instant pick-me-up.

4. Most airplanes have a little hook at your seat. AMAZING.
Perfect for a small bag or coat. What’s next…a tray. Wait? That’s a TRAY!?!?

5. Pack your dirty shoes in a shower cap.

6. Pack a light-weight scarf for chilly planes. It can double as a pillow. And looks less silly than those inflatable neck rests.

7. To keep your clothes smelling fresh, pop a Febreze dryer sheet in your suitcase.

8. Always make left turns in the security line to get through more quickly.

9. Transport wine or other bottles in your shoes in your checked bag. They rattle around in your case less and so are less likely to break.

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  1. Aren’t you going to run in circles when you always make left turns? 😀

    But rolling the clothes is a very good idea. Never thought about that….

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