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Jeju Fantasia

That’s what it was called – an evening celebration, put on by the organisers of the World Scout Conference, to help us all enjoy the culture of the island and South Korea generally.

What a wonderful evening. I sat at a table with many of the Australian delegation, some of whom are very old friends. I lost my UK scarf to an Aussie Cub Scout, but gained an Australian Centenary of Scouting woggle and pin in return. A fair exchange!

Great food, spectacular entertainment (including a superb orchestra, demonstrations of martial arts and even a Scout uniform fashion show). The evening ended with tremendous fireworks display.

We also had our first proper committee meeting. It is going to be a fun six years, I think. Lots of hard work to do, but a smashing bunch of people to do it with.

Thanks to everyone who has emailed me to congratulate me on my election. In answer to your questions, yes I will be blogging here regularly to keep you in touch with what I’ve been up to – both in and outwith Scouting; and yes, I will put some photos up here as soon as I get home and can download them from my camera!

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