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World Scout Education Congress

1461706_10152054890051420_1568505121_nI was absolutely delighted to accept the invitation from the World Organization of the Scout Movement to be one of the keynote speakers at their inaugural education congress.

The slides and some of my speaking notes are available for download by clicking here: WOSM Congress




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  1. Mark E Mark E

    John – I’ve browsed your slides but (I confess) not watched the podcast. I wondered whether you expanded on the line “They have established tight peer bonds” to discuss that Millennials see their peer bonds and loyalties as much more important than employment bonds (no jobs for life and an understanding that business knows no loyalty). With this in mind it is worth us remembering that the bonds they form at Scouts, D of E, etc will be the ones that define their future, their success and their lives… (so no pressure then!)

    (And an excellent set of slides as well – thought provoking and relevant)

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