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The Göteborg Half-Marathon

This was a truly brilliant race. Not an easy course. Up hills, over bridges, up and down streets. But wonderfully fun and not at all boring. Lots of music – though perhaps there are too many accordian bands in Göteborg for my personal taste. Lots of crowds clapping, though not cheering. Cheering would be impolite and not at all Swedish. No, polite clapping is what you do in Sweden. Unless you are Irish, in which case you shout loudly, “Come on Beano Man, move your ass” Thank you, Ireland.

Hot, sunny for most of the time, but plenty of water and Gatorade (or whatever its Swedish equivalent is… Göteaid, presumably.) Actually, that joke doesn’t work, because the G in Göteborg is soft, so you actually pronounce the name of the town ‘yer-te-bory’.

2hrs 8 mins. Not bad. And a very, very nice medal.

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