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Snow and rock

Cervinia is not the most beautiful of ski resorts. Its architecture is functional and in today’s cloud looked far from inspiring. But, even this late in the season, its ski runs more than make up for the lack of chocolate box views which I’ve been used to in Austria and Switzerland.

And, of course, because we’re in Italy, there’s the food to consider as well. Our hotel, half way down the mountain, has an amazing kitchen. Last night I tasted the best spaghetti I’ve had for years. Tonight it’s rigatoni, stuffed with pears and gorgonzola. I am a happy man.

But back to the skiing. We spent this morning getting our kit sorted out and then having a gentle exploration of the lower runs. Great pistes, perfectly groomed and as wide as the M1. Hardly any people. No queues. Wonderful.

This afternoon, Brian and Annette took a rest whilst Nigel and I climbed higher. Visibility was very poor at the top and I really had to ski blind until we got below the clouds. But late on in the afternoon the sun broke through and I enjoyed some superb skiing.

They say it may snow all week. I hope not. I’d love to see some more blue skies – and maybe even glimpse the Matterhorn.

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