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Over the mountains

An early morning start today to catch the first Easyjet flight out of Stansted to Belfast. Then a quick run in a hire car up over the mountains to Derry, where Ruth and I met the Principal of the North West Institute of Further and Higher Education. He wants to start a Career Academy, which means that pretty soon we’ll have two centres in Northern Ireland. Londonderry is a beautiful city. I look forward to visiting again soon.

On the way back to Belfast we stopped on the Glenshane Pass at the Ponderosa, the highest pub in Ireland. The pub’s written about in a number of novels, including Harry’s Game. It’s not the most salubrious of places, but it did a good hamburger and chips. Apparently it’s entirely self-sufficient in terms of energy with its own own turf bank for fuel, its own electricity generator and the water supply comes from a spring well in the mountainside.

Then back to Belfast to catch up on emails in the airport lounge before flying back to London. And they say the life of a charity CEO isn’t glamorous…

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