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One month after surgery

Thank you for the extraordinary number of emails I’ve received following my recent blogs concerning my eye surgery – many from people I’ve never met who seem to have found my via Google and Yahoo.

So, an update on progress. I went for my one month check up this week and was delighted to find that my vision had improved considerably. Actually, I knew this already as I have been wandering around with my eyes open and have been able to see the differences on a daily basis. What was great to discover was that I am now easily at 20:20 vision and am moving towards a potential 20:40 acuity, which is truly amazing.

My sight is not, however, the same as it used to be with glasses. Things are not as sharp as they appeared before – although it’s difficult to pinpoint quite what I mean by this. It’s sort of like comparing pictures on two different televisions. Both are good, but they have different qualities. It’ll be interesting to see how the sight continues to settle over the coming few months.

One thing that is causing some trouble is dry eye syndrome, which I was warned that many people encounter. The nerves in my eyes are becoming sensitive again and this means that by the end of the day, my eyes begin to sting a bit. This is alleviated by synthetic tears, which I’m using every couple of hours throughout the day and by the use of an ointment that I’m using at night. When my eyes are dry, sight gets quite fuzzy, but when they’re wet it’s much better.

I am not using reading glasses at all at the moment, which is great, but I think I may be straining the eyes a bit, so I need to be careful. Night driving is OK, although there’s a bit of a halo effect around oncoming lights.

All in all though, things are going pretty well. And I am now allowed to rub my eyes and to go swimming. Joy abounding! (I now need to buy myself some swimming goggles with no prescription!)

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