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On LGBTQI+ Scouting…

I no longer actively work with a Section, I do other things as a Scout volunteer, but I was a leader in UK Scouting throughout the 80s and 90s, when being gay in Scouting wasn’t something you admitted to. Indeed, the institutional homophobia at the time was palpable.

Since then, things have changed for LGBTQI+ volunteers and young people. I’d like to think that I have played a small part in changing attitudes and advocating for the celebration of diversity and inclusion in the Movement, not just in the UK, but around the world.

Anyway, I got married on Friday. My husband and I have been knocked out by the love and affection shown us across social media by so many people involved in Scouting – including those from countries where it is still, sadly, illegal to be LGBTQI+.

Being gay and a Scout leader in today’s world is not only about being accepted; it’s about actively contributing to the growth and development of young individuals in a setting that values every person’s identity. As Scouting continues to evolve, the inclusivity of LGBTQI+ leaders will further enrich the Movement, preparing young people to live and thrive in a diverse world. The role of LGBTQI+ Scout leaders is not just beneficial but essential in fostering a generation that respects and celebrates diversity.

Thank you. I’ll get my coat.

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