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New eyes – one week on

Went back to the clinic for a one week check-up today. The good news is that the vision is improving all the time. I was able to read the bottom line of the sight chart after blinking. However, at the moment I have developed long sightedness. This is likely to settle over the coming weeks and months, but at the moment is quite frustrating… I can see extremely well in the far distance, but I cannot see advertisements clearly above my head on the tube. And I do have to wear reading glasses (most of the time) for computer and book work.

My eyes are very dry and, a little bit worryingly, I have some inflammation in my left eye. The optician who checked me out got one of her colleagues in to take a look at it, which slightly perturbed me. She told me that she’d seen this only a couple of times before. This perturbed me even more!

I have to up the dosage of the steroid eye drops to once every two hours in a bid to ward off the possible infection and report back next Tuesday for another check up.

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