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Jamboree update

This morning Sarah Kennedy mentioned the Jamboree on Radio 2. I reminded her that not only is she listened to in far flung places like Australia and Singapore, we’re also listening in a field in Essex!

She has agreed to read out this blog on her morning programme whenever I can update it, so what follows is for the lsieners of Radio 2…

For the last few days, 8,000 adults (almost all of us volunteers who have paid for the privilege!)have been preparing the site at Hylands Park to receive nearly 30,000 14 – 18 year olds from virtually every nation in the world.There will be 16 Sub Camps at the Jamboree, with each one designed to become the home for up to 1,800 young people organised as 50 Troops. A Troop size is 36 young people and 4 adult Leaders. Around the site, four Participant Hubs will provide services like shops and places to relax, eat and find entertainment. We have a fully operational field hospital, a media centre, a stage and arena big enough to host everyone on site and even, as you tell, wireless internet access!

The Scouts (boys and girls) will be camping for ten days and taking part in an amazing range of activities. They’ll be exploring the cultures, hobbies, arts, crafts, food and much more of the countries represented; taking part in adventurous activities. Every day, 4000 people will leave Hylands Park to work on a community project.So far, we’ve escaped the worst of the rain. Fingers are all crossed now, because we begin moving young people on to the site tonight.

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