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Haute Cuisine in Glasgow

At the very top of one of the teaching blocks in Anniesland College, Glasgow, is a very small training kitchen and restaurant. In it, the college’s catering and hospitality students practise the skills and techniques they hope they’ll be using for the rest of their working lives.

If the lunch I had today is anything to go by, then these students have very promising careers ahead of them. Ruth and I thought that the food we’d get in the middle of the training session we were running would be the usual (though always welcome) buffet or plate of sandwiches. Instead we were treated to a four course meal, which for me included scallops on a bed of sweet potato to start and a main course of perfectly prepared duck breast. Delicious; and beautifully served by attentive waiters, who knew just when to fill up our glasses (with water, of course; this was lunch!)

And although the view may have been slightly masked by the college’s new building which is growing fast by the side of the old one, we could still look across the top of the houses towards the hills of Renfrewshire.

What a tremendous way to spend a lunch break.

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