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Brighton Half Marathon

Last week I said I wanted to shave off another couple of minutes to get my personal best under the magic two hours. Well, today I achieved it… Just.

It really was a beautiful day in Brighton. No wind. Sunshine. Lots of very keen and polite competitors. And a relatively flat course, which went mainly along the seafront, although there was a surprise climb (and a very steep descent) after mile ten.

It was a really enjoyable run. At the halfway point, I knew I had a chance of reaching a personal best, as I was clocked at 58 minutes. So I really tried my very hardest not to slow down too much, even when everyone around me was seeming to tire a bit. The final time? 1 hour, 58 minutes (well, nearly 59, but I’m rounding down rather than up, regardless of how many seconds there are in a minute!). I am jolly chuffed. As the rather smug face in the picture shows…

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