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The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has announced today that it will support every school in developing and running its own business through the Enterprise Champions Programme.

I welcome the announcement which supports my belief (and that of Young Enterprise) that young people of all ages deserve the opportunity to develop the enterprise and entrepreneurial skills necessary to stand out in a competitive employment market, as well as develop the confidence to start their own businesses and successfully drive economic growth.

I am pleased that the government has learned from Young Enterprise’s experience and intend to roll out a similar programme for every student across the country. I’ll be interested to see how they intend to coordinate this project, whether it will become part of the national curriculum, and how it will be funded. Young Enterprise is ready to work with the government on behalf of British business and the nation’s young people to turn words into reality. I am delighted to be working together with the Education and Employers Taskforce as we look at how the Enterprise Champions Programme can be coordinated and supported across the country.

At the moment, 25,000 students from schools, colleges and universities across the country take part in Young Enterprise’s Company Programme where they work with local business professionals to set up and run their own businesses. Learning about business in this practical, challenging and fun way has proven to have exceptional results with Young Enterprise Company Programme alumni being twice as likely to start their own business as their peers.

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