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The last long run before Sunday week…

This morning I did my normal Sunday morning circuit three times and it took me four hours. I’ve just checked the mileage and this means that this morning I ran just over 22 miles. 5 training gels and two litres of water left me feeling exhausted and a bit dehydrated, but a trip to Sainsburys and one of their £3.99 brunches helped a bit. As I write this in the early evening, I don’t feel too bad, so I’m hopeful that I might make my 5 hr marathon target. I know that this last long run is a week later than it should have been – I now have less than two weeks to taper and prepare for the big day. But I’m delighted that I have cracked the 20 mile barrier and have done so with only a couple of walks during the run. Mind you, I then mowed the lawn this afternoon and managed to bash my head on a shelf in the shed putting the mower away. Lots of blood and general loss of dignity. Just what a Bank Holiday Monday is all about… exercise and domestic accidents.

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