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Never let anyone tell you that young people are ill mannered…

To the headteacher of East London Science School…   
Dear David

On this warm and sunny Friday afternoon, I thought you might appreciate this short note as you get ready for the weekend.  

I have just shared a tube carriage with a party of your pupils who are on the way to the V&A for the afternoon. They were a real credit to your school – polite, sensible and smilingly enthusiastic about life. 

One young man, unprompted, stood up to offer me his seat – an extraordinarily kind gesture, particularly as IMHO I’m far from elderly. (Though to most teenagers, I know I do seem ancient.)
Anyway, I just felt you deserved to know what amazing young people you are leading – though I expect you know this already.  

With all my best wishes,

John — at The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award

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