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Going to the dogs

Apparently, there used to be 33 greyhound racing tracks in London. Now there are only four. And in August, arguably the most famous one will close, making way for a housing or retail development. The country is no longer going to the dogs, apparently. Tonight, however, I did. Ruth, Mona, Steve, Lynn and Stacy joined me at the iconic Walthamstow Stadium for a ‘six pack special’ – entrance, two drinks, two £1 bets and a dinner of chicken or scampi and chips – all for £17. A bargain. Shelley was there too, with friends, in the posher restaurant part of the stand (£20) and joined us at various points throughout the evening.

I will be sorry when the track closes. Meetings there always turn into a great night out and last night was no exception. I held my leaving drinks there when I departed from BITC. We had a Christmas party there a few years ago when UKCAF was a very small organisation. The heady combination of cheap food, impenetrable form books and low stake gambling is very difficult to beat.

I will try and visit just once more before the old place closes and becomes a gated community.

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