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Getting down with the kids…

I wouldn’t normally choose to attend a ‘Girls Aloud’ concert, but I was invited by colleagues at Olswang, the media lawyers, to join them in their corporate box last night and I wasn’t going to turn down the invitation. Actually, the truth of the matter is that a few weeks ago I heard that Rhiannon and Ayesha had both been invited and blagged a place too. The Olswang team had, more importantly, invited a number of their Career Academy mentees to the evening.

I’m really, really glad I went. I recognised most of the tunes, loved the show, marvelled at the lights and pyrotechnics – and thoroughly enjoyed watching the excitement being shown by the thirteen year old boys on the front row of our box – It’s not often you get to witness pre-adolescent nirvana being reached, but Cheryl and her mates seemed to be able to help these young people achieve it.
Ayesha and Rhiannon clearly had an excellent time. So did I.

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