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I am so lucky. My job gives me extraordinary views of life.

This morning I waved off an exceptional group of young people on their Gold Adventurous Journey / Expedition. Students at the M-pesa Foundation Leadership Academy, they are drawn from what they themselves describe as humble backgrounds. The Academy provides them with a world class education, support and a scholarship to higher education when they graduate.

This afternoon I met a second group of Gold Award participants, this time in Langata High Security Women’s Prison. Some of these young people are serving life sentences, but are using the Award to give themselves hope and a sense of purpose, when they might easily have neither.

Both sets of young people were welcoming, articulate and thoughtful.

Both sets of young people love participating in the Award.

It’s simplistic, I know, but I couldn’t help thinking that it’s just a matter of luck or a single decision that separates these two sets of young people.

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