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Green Star Energy’s response to my mother’s complaint

If you missed the first installment, read this first:

Green Star Energy. Here’s where we’ve got to (in the company’s words):

“As you discussed, Joanne (the CEO) instigated a full end to end review of what happened and as a result we have a clear and defined plan to not only address what happened but to also safe-guard future customers and ensure our service meets expectations.

  • For our people we are providing mandatory refresher training for all of our existing advisors and strengthening our on-boarding training for all new starters, particularly in regards to our billing processes.
  • We will enhance the scrutiny of readings from all sources, including the industry, and perform mandatory checks of all bills above an agreed threshold to provide instant preventative action. We will listen authentically to what our customers are telling us when they contact us and act on the information they give us.
  • We will also explore with our systems provider the potential of additional automated read and billing validation, escalation channels throughout the billing journey and also introduce daily automatic safeguards to identify any bills or payments that breach the threshold.
  • Furthermore, we have committed to attaining the British Standard for Inclusive Service Provision this year. This gold standard for customer service practices is designed to better serve and protect vulnerable customers and is widely encouraged. We will aim to be one of only a select few in the energy industry to achieve this.
  • As resolution for your Mother, and to address the upset and trouble this has caused her, I can confirm that we have waived the final charges amounting to £xxx for her gas and electricity with us, leaving her account £xxx in credit.
  • We have also added a further £xxx as compensation for any costs or charges incurred as a result. We arranged for an immediate refund of £xxx to her account this morning.
  • Further to this we would like to make a donation of £150 to a charity of you and your mother’s choice and ensure this is done so in your name. Please let me know if this is acceptable and I will make the necessary arrangements.”


Mum’s agreed to this – and the donation will be made to Horsfall House, a residential care home and day centre for the elderly close to where Mum lives in Gloucestershire.

Mum would like to thank everyone who commented on my recent posts and offered her their support. This meant a great deal. Thanks everyone.

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